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Being connected to the Internet is the only way to ensure that your business remains prepared and relevant in the modern age of global trade. Our experienced team can help with any of these topics:

Get online: selling to a global audience

Being an online business allows your business to sell to a customer base that is bigger than anything you can imagine. Guides to domain names, email, Google Places, Google Shopping, eCommerce, building online trust and cross-border trading.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Cybersecurity failure case studies and lessons in avoiding them

On average, a security breach is discovered only 1 year after the initial hack. How do you detect problems, protect yourself and manage the effort and cost of doing this?

Digital Assets: A guide to protecting your business identity online

Have a domain name? A website? Rely on email for your business? Most businesses mistakenly believe that paying a bill to have these things set up means that they own them. Make sure you know who really controls these digital assets, and how you can regain control.

No such thing as a free lunch: Choosing an email service

With so much choice available, it can be hard to decide on a service that will provide scalable, reliable service which will allow your business to thrive online. We compare a few different services, including free services, to help with that decision.

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We offer various forms of training, ranging from free seminars to training on-site at your office for individuals and groups of staff. Please see the menu to the left for details of each training format.